Development process

The first part of the process is information gathering and defining your project.  With a proper definition of your project, we can proceed.  Server setup is the first technical phase, preceding programming and design. We will create a server account for your site where content can be pre-staged.  Your site will be hosted on a server dedicated only to Tangle Media sites, in a major data-center with 24/7 monitoring, biometric security, and redundant power.

Next, we can install the Content Management System (or CMS) that will let you manage your site. This is a separate program for updating your site.  It controls a database which stores the content of your site.  You use simple controls to edit the database, and then your website reads those changes. If it sounds complicated, don’t worry.  You will have an easy way to manage pages, photo galleries, FAQs, and more.  You don’t have to be a designer or programmer.  It’s designed for ease of use. 

When your site is set up and a CMS installed, it will immediately be ready to work with. From day one, it will have pages, menus, and a very simple (temporary) design.   You can immediately access the CMS, start to add content, and see results.  Even though your website’s custom design is yet to come, you can sketch things in.  Tangle Media will give you access to the system, and training.  All this lets you start working on the content of your site without waiting for the design and additional programming.

Next, Tangle Media will move ahead with the visual design process.   You will be presented with a custom design concept, based on your advice to us.  If you want revisions to the design we will make them.  When you are ready to approve the design, we will convert the design to a working website, which we will then apply to your site.  Now the pages you’ve built on your CMS will look like the design you approved.

On implementation of design, additional coding and programming becomes the focus. Our websites are based around the concept of “plugins” , which can be developed at any time, to accomplish any task you can think of.  If plugins are required to manage custom data, we will develop them.  If you need them later, we can build them later. Put simply, you will not have to start from scratch in two years time if you want to change the look, content, or behavior of your website.  Your website is modular in this way.

Please find the linked document called  “Web Development Example”. This outlines Tangle Media’s typical 10-12 week web development cycle, including planning and review stages. Excluding “agreement to proceed” and “project completion” there are five critical milestones to be met, including planning approval, design approval, programming approval, and revision approval.  Some of the steps in the process chart describe internal technical measures our team will complete, and more information on any one of these phases can be provided on request.