We all spend too much time staring at glowing rectangles.

Any visitor will form first impressions based on a strong visual design.  Tangle Media’s team includes visual designers with skill in layout and design for web. Visual design is a core service that we provide.

We start with a layout to establish the hierarchy of information on the site. We will create a blueprint or wireframe with each tool or component prioritized, and in the right place.  Next, we can apply your existing colours, branding, and identity to the design to ensure that each visitor will find what they came for and have a positive impression of your business.

Tangle Media implements a proper, structured design process to ensure that the site represents you properly to visitors. Aesthetics are important. Colors matter. Imagery is important. Design is not a one-size-fits-all process. Tangle Media will apply a proven design process to create a site which meets all the above criteria.